Celbux is a financial technology provider that facilitates the disbursement of money, on behalf of customers to anyone with a cell phone in a digital form. The beneficiary receives their money in a Celbux Wallet, accessible using any cell phone. The digital money is real money and can be used as payment for goods and services, it can be withdrawn or sent to family or friends. Beneficiaries further receive cash back on money spent

Through the Celbux Value Exchange, people can safeguard their money and transact in a secure and regulated value economy. Transacting using the Celbux Wallet offers more intelligent, scalable, and real-time cost-effective methods of disbursing and paying out funds, as well as trading value anywhere in the world.

Celbux was established in 2012 and has since delivered on its guarantee that 100% of the value sent to someone, is available to spend.

Celbux Values

Value Adding We only charge for value where we add value.
Simplified We actively strive to simplify and remove abrasion that hinders value creation.
Contributory We focus on who we are and enable others to be who they are.
Impactful We improve people's livelihood by delivering the correct solution for the appropriate situation.
Sustainable We respect the environment and deliver sustainable solutions to a technologically evolving world.
Inclusive We believe in inclusiveness and provide anyone with the same opportunity to provide their value.

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Deposit money into your Celbux Wallet


Disburse money to recipients’ cell phones


Recipients receive on cell phone


Spend, withdraw or send directly from phone


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Wage Payer

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Recipients can spend or access cash or vouchers at various national and local merchants.

Anyone can be a merchant on Celbux and use their account to trade. No monthly cost, no dedicated merchant hardware required, transact using your point-of-sale or any connected device.


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